2020, a year like no other...time to hit the RESET button
and look to the future

The events of 2020 have seen the reset button hit for almost every part of our lives.

Catch up on our BBC Global News’ 2020 Upfront where we explore the reset and what it means for you and your brand.

Featuring BBC News journalists Laura Kuenssberg and Jon Sopel, renowned US futurist Amy Webb, sector experts from the travel, consumer tech, finance, luxury and media industries, plus the BBC’s Director of Creative Diversity, June Sarpong, in conversation with the Director of News & Current Affairs, Fran Unsworth, discussing the BBC’s own reset.

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To watch the full Upfront show (recorded on 12th October, 2020), click the video immediately below.

If you have already watched but want to see extended versions of each section, you can navigate from the top menu or click on the five section thumbnails at the bottom of this page.

The BBC Reset

How is BBC News rising to the challenges of 2020 and how are we working effectively with our commercial partners?

The Sector Reset

Business intelligence direct from our line-up of industry experts, across luxury, travel, media, consumer tech and trade. If you are a brand in these sectors, how can you thrive?

The Consumer Mindset Reset

How have the events of 2020 affected the mindset of consumers? We examine the neuroscience.

The Political Reset

How the political reset is affecting the global economy and trade; touching on Brexit, the US Election and US/China tensions.

Reset 2030

Take a leap into the future to see how the reset of 2020 might impact our lives in 2030.

Event Speakers

Please click on the images to read the full biographies. 

Katya Adler

Europe Editor

BBC News

Anita Balchandani


McKinsey & Company

Dharshini David

Senior Correspondent, Global Trade & Economics

BBC News

Philip Dunne

UK Managing Partner

Roland Berger

Shazia Ginai


Neuro-Insight UK

Aaron Heslehurst

Presenter, Talking Business

BBC World News

Laura Kuenssberg

Political Editor

BBC News

Stephen McDonell

China Correspondent

BBC News

Dino Myers-Lamptey


The Barber Shop

June Sarpong

Director of Creative Diversity


Babita Sharma


BBC World News

Jon Sopel

North America Editor

BBC News

Lori Suchcicki

Senior Vice President, Advertising and Commercial Partnerships, EMEA

BBC Global News

Fran Unsworth

Director of News & Current Affairs


Amy Webb